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Juliet, 18, pansexual, UK.

I suffer from clinical depression and I'm trying to stay positive. but on occasion there may be triggering content.

Stay safe, remember that there are people who love you <3

I’ve resorted to only using this account when I’m in desperate need. But I feel betrayed.

My ex confessed, after over a year of being ‘friends with benefits’, that he was in love with me.

Just after I got a new boyfriend, and had finally gotten over him.

After hours of consoling him and trying to help him, I also found out that during this time, he’d fucked a girl I’m friends with, without telling me, despite the fact that I’d told him that I wasn’t cool with it.

My ‘friends’ decided not to tell me about this.

I fucking want to curl up in a ball and cry in my bed forever.

And I miss my Alex.


I hate myself because I complain about everything, even though things are so much worse for other people. I love you, and I hope things get better for you.

Four months without you. It hurts.